4089 HDB flats launched in September 2019 BTO and ROF exercises

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Author: Ravi Philemon

On Sep 11, the HDB announced that it has launched 4089 HDB flats for sale today, comprising 3,373 Build-To-Order (BTO) flats and 716 re-offered balance flats, across various towns/estates. This will be the first sales exercise where buyers can benefit from the higher income ceilings and Enhanced CPF Housing Grant (EHG), announced by Minister Lawrence Wong on Sep 10.

September 2019 BTO Exercise

4089 HDB Flats

4089 HDB flats launched in September 2019

Of the 4089 HDB flats, 3,373 BTO flats on offer are spread across three projects.  Two projects, Punggol Point Cove and Punggol Point Crown, are in the non-mature town of Punggol, whilst Tampines GreenGlen project is in the mature town of Tampines. A wide selection of flats, ranging from 2-room Flexi to 5-room flats, is offered to meet the diverse housing needs of first-timers, second-timer families, elderly and singles.

The 4089 HDB Flats will Enjoy Higher Income Ceilings and Enhanced CPF Housing Grant

With effect from 11 September 2019, the monthly household income ceiling for eligible families buying flats from HDB has been raised from $12,000 to $14,000.  For eligible singles, the income ceiling has been raised from $6,000 to $7,000.

To further support Singaporeans in buying a flat, HDB has also introduced a new Enhanced CPF Housing Grant (EHG) to replace the Additional CPF Housing Grant and Special CPF Housing Grant. The EHG is available to eligible first-timers buying new or resale flats, regardless of flat type and location.

Eligible first-timer families with a monthly household income of up to $9,000 will be able to enjoy the EHG of up to $80,000, when they buy a flat that can cover them and their spouses to the age of 95. For those who do not meet this condition, the amount of EHG that they can enjoy will be pro-rated.

With the enhancements, those buying a 5-room flat in non-mature towns or a flat in the mature towns can now receive more housing grants. The flat prices in this sales launch, and the indicative prices after factoring in the EHG, are shown in Table 1.

Table 1: 4089 HDB Flat Prices in September 2019 BTO Exercise

Town Contract Flat Type Transacted Prices
of Resale Flats
in the Vicinity #
Selling Price
(Excluding Grants)
Selling Price
(Including Grants^)
Non-Mature Town
Punggol Punggol Point Cove

Punggol Point Crown

Flexi *@
$230,000  –  $255,000 From  $109,000 From  $29,000
3-room $335,000  –  $360,000 From  $205,000 From  $130,000
4-room $440,000  –  $480,000 From  $287,000 From  $227,000
5-room $560,000  –  $688,000 From  $423,000 From $378,000
Mature Town
Tampines Tampines GreenGlen ~ 4-room $400,000  –  $465,000 From  $312,000 From  $267,000
5-room $470,000  –  $575,000 From  $418,000 From  $388,000

1)    *     2-room Flexi flats come in two sizes – 36 sqm (Type 1) and 45 sqm (Type 2).

^    The starting prices of flats in Table 1 are based on 99-year leases.  For illustration purposes, the assumed EHG amounts are:

i) 2-room Flexi flat: $80,000

ii) 3-room flat: $75,000

iii) 4-room flat: $60,000 in non-mature towns and $45,000 in mature towns

iv) 5-room flat: $45,000 in non-mature towns and $30,000 in mature towns

The starting prices after grant amounts are illustrative, assuming that the household incomes of eligible first-time buyers of flats in the mature towns are higher. The actual grant amount received will depend on the buyers’ income and eligibility.  Read more on the EHG in HDB infoWEB.

~   Prices include the costs of floor finishes, internal doors and sanitary fittings.

#    Details on the comparable resale flats can be found on the HDB e-Sales website. In making comparison, please take into account the differences in attributes between the comparable resale flats and the BTO flats.

    @   Singles who apply for a 2-room Flexi flat under the Single Singapore Citizen (SSC) Scheme will pay $15,000 more than couples. Eligible singles can also apply for the EHG of up to $40,000. The actual grant amounts will vary according to income.

2)  Selling prices are rounded up to the nearest thousand dollars.

Application for the 4089 HDB Flats

Application for the flats offered in the September 2019 BTO and ROF exercises can be made online on HDB InfoWEB from 11 September 2019 to 17 September 2019. Applicants can apply for a flat under either the BTO or ROF exercise, but not both. If they apply for a BTO flat, they must select only one flat type in one town/estate. If they apply for a ROF flat, they do not have to indicate flat type and town/estate as ROF applicants book a flat from the available units according to their balloted queue position, subject to eligibility and ethnic quota.

Applicants who wish to take up an HDB housing loan for their flat purchase need to produce a valid HDB Loan Eligibility (HLE) letter when they book a flat, except for young couples who are eligible for deferment of income assessment.

HDB advised applicants to apply for a BTO flat in the non-mature towns to enjoy a higher chance of success in securing a flat. It added that those with more urgent housing needs and who are less particular about flat attributes may wish to consider applying for an ROF flat.

Upcoming BTO Launch in November 2019 and February 2020

In November 2019, HDB will offer about 4,500 BTO flats in Ang Mo Kio, Tampines and Tengah. In February 2020, HDB will offer about 3,000 BTO flats in Sembawang and Toa Payoh.

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