71 Resources on Singapore Savings Bonds

Recently I just apply for BOC bank account on their multi currency saving promotion. And if you have been observant enough, you will notice Bank Saving Interest Rate has creeping up since my last article on Saving Bank Account, besides that, there is another new kid on the block which is the Singapore Savings Bonds.

From these few tell tale signs, the Banks in Singapore looking to beef up the currency ratio, even Singapore Government is looking to fortify as well. Well, what it does is to lock in fund and to minimize the volume of outgoing currency flowing out of the country when we hit Economy Crisis. But i do believe that in Stock Market, the Bull should have another last leg northward and it will be a brilliant one before it all come down to the earth.

And for those whom prefer the safer journey, I glad to have the permission to post the following article on “71 Resources on Singapore Saving Bonds“, from one of the highly finance savvy blogger GiraffeValue of http://www.giraffevalue.com. A easy to read article, that cover A to Z on the Saving Bond, and enjoy reading!

(Exposed) 71 Resources on Singapore Savings Bonds to Up Your Knowledge before 1/Sept

Singapore Savings Bonds

You heard it.

People are talking about it.

You afraid to think about it as you feel guilty that you couldn’t quite comprehend what Singapore Savings Bonds is. You know what a savings accounts is, but bonds…Oh man, what exactly is that?

You didn’t major in finance, or maybe you did, either ways you are still an educated person. But speaking of the word “bonds”. You are completely clueless. You wonder how true is that the government is borrowing money from the public to build the rumored “underground city”? Maybe that’s why the fancy word “bonds” was used so to get away from the public?

Well, maybe that’s just a conspiracy theory that you couldn’t quite bother.


How about the part where you could receive bi-yearly interest payments? Or the part where you could withdraw all your money just like your savings accounts without being penalized for early withdrawal fee and yet getting bank-beating interest, or the part where the word “guarantee” works exactly the way it says since the government is the guarantor.

I bet these turn you on.

However, you have questions and doubts, and knowing that reading one-sided story isn’t enough, I’m referring to the news and websites that ended with .gov. You may have questions like how about SSB vs fixed deposit, or SSB vs OCBC360, or am I suitable for investing SSB as I just entered the workforce. Those are the questions that left unanswered. And what the heck is step-up interest rate?

You may have tried to google it but information always seems to be everywhere. Searching it needs time, filtering it needs time and reading it needs time. And time is what you don’t have. Or at least you don’t think is worth spending on on your valuable Saturday and Sunday.

And if that’s so, I think I’m able to do you a little favor. I have curated all the information I could find on webs and categorized it in a manner that you won’t have to second guess what’s the link is about or wasting time reading information that isn’t relevant to you.

Remember we’re living in one of most busiest city in the world. Your time should be spent on reading not searching. Adding, not finding – information.

So here you go.

Table of Content

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Official Facts and Webs

Official Facts and Webs.

Warning: Some of the materials here will make you sleep. We have more interesting articles and sources on the below.
Recommended-read: #1

    1. Singapore Savings Bonds Official Web | Singapore Government Securities
    2. Launch of the Singapore Savings Bond Programme | MAS
    3. Singapore Savings Bonds for Individual Investors | MAS
    5. [PDF Factsheet]Singapore Savings Bonds Product Factsheet | MAS
    6. Eligibility of Charities or IPCs to buy Singapore Savings Bonds | MAF

Singapore Savings Bonds How To Apply

 How To Apply?

You may apply it on the ATM of DBS/POSB, UOB and OCBC. Only DBS/POSB allows application via Internet Banking. You also need a Central Depository Securities Account(CDP) which you probably have it if you have a stock brokerage account(Standard Chartered brokerage account doesn’t come with a CDP account).
Recommended-read: #2 & #1

  1. 4 simple steps to your first Savings Bond | Singapore Savings Bonds
  2. Singapore Savings Bonds Max Holding Limit is $100,000 for now. Apply via DBS, OCBC, UOB ATM | Investment Moats – Stock Market Investing
  3. MAS on how to apply for Singapore Savings Bonds | Channel NewsAsia

Banks(UOB doesn’t have a web page for SSB):

  1. Singapore Savings Bonds | DBS/POSB
  2. User Guide on how to apply for Singapore Savings Bonds via OCBC ATMs

Singapore Savings Bonds The Only All You Need To Know

The Only All You Need To Know

Actually there aren’t so many things you need to do. Just pick 1 or 2 over here you are good to do, most of the contents below are overlapping.
Recommended-read: #1 & #1 and #2 on “10 more..”

5 You Need to Know of What-You-Need-To-Know

  1. Singapore Savings Bonds: What you should know | The Straits Times
  2. All You Need to Know about the Singapore Savings Bonds | DrWealth
  3. What You Need to Know About Singapore Savings Bonds | Martin Lee
  4. 5 Things You Should Know About Singapore Savings Bonds (SSBs) | BondSuperMart

9 More You Still Need to Know :(

  1. Singapore Savings Bonds (SSB) to start issuing in September | Investment Moats – Stock Market Investing
  2. The name is Bond, Singapore Savings Bond. | A Singaporean Stocks Investor (ASSI)
  3. Singapore Savings Bonds – More Details | Invest Openly
  4. Singapore Savings Bonds – A Good Alternative to Fixed Deposits | Karen Life
  5. Singapore Savings Bonds: New govt bond offers rising rates | If Only Singaporeans Stopped to Think
  7. Update on Singapore Savings Bonds (Applications open on 1st September 2015) | The Tale Of Azrael
  8. Singapore Savings Bonds | Money Lobang
  9. What Is The Singapore Savings Bond All About? | The New Age Parents

Singapore Savings Bonds SSB vs Fixed Deposit & Foods For Thought

SSB vs Fixed Deposit & Foods For Thought

This is where you start to think about comparing SSB vs other financial products such as fixed deposit, OCBC 360 and more. Or wonder what are other financial bloggers opinion about SSB.
Recommended-read: #1,2,3 and on “foods for thought..” is hard to pick there are too many good read.
SSB vs Fixed Deposit

  1. A chat on FDs, SSBs, OCBC 360 and CPF Top Ups. | A Singaporean Stocks Investor (ASSI)
  2. More details of the Singapore Savings Bond. Looks like my Emergency Fund now | Investment Moats – Stock Market Investing
  3. Singapore Saving Bonds VS Fixed Deposit | Singapore Online Trading
  4. Singapore Saving Bonds Or Great Eastern Guaranteed Saver | Dollars And Sense
  5. Singapore Savings Bond, Your New Savior? | Big Fat Pillar
  6. The name is Bond, Singapore Savings Bond (Part 3). | A Singaporean Stocks Investor (ASSI)

Foods For Thought To Level Up Your Knowledge

  1. Singapore Savings Bonds – Yay or Nay? | The Establishment Post
  2. Singapore Savings Bonds – How Can We Benefit From It | Epsilon Luxe
  3. Singapore Savings Bonds – Why They are Almost Exactly Like Your Friendly Fixed Deposit Accounts | Big Fat Purse
  4. MAS Singapore Savings Bonds: The End of Endowment Plans? | SengBingYang
  5. Will Savings Bonds really save the day? | THE BUSINESS TIMES
  6. The name is Bond, Singapore Savings Bond (Part 2). | A Singaporean Stocks Investor (ASSI)
  7. Singapore Savings Bond (Part 4): Good or not? | A Singaporean Stocks Investor (ASSI)
  8. Singapore Savings Bonds Inflation Protection Abilities | Investment Moats
  9. My Thoughts on the Singapore Savings Bond | Got Money, Got Honey
  10. Singapore Savings Bonds, Retail Investor Apathy, and Insurance | Lepak Investor
  11. Bonds – Fifty Shares of Grey for the Retail Investor? | Lepak Investor
  12. Singapore Savings Bonds – A Game Changer | SG Money Matters

Singapore Savings Bonds 12 Must-Read on Why You Need To Buy Singapore Savings Bonds

11 Must-Read on Why You Need To Buy Singapore Savings Bonds

The articles below are not exactly reasons on why you need to buy SSB, but rather their personal opinion whom are favor of getting SSB than other financial products.
Recommended-read: #1, #2 & #3

  1. 4 Reasons Why You Should Be Buying The Singapore Savings Bonds | Dollars And Sense
  2. Singapore Savings Bonds: A.K.A. LKY Bonds? | My 15 Hour Work Week
  3. How best to utilize the Singapore Savings Bond? | bullythebear
  4. Singapore Savings Bonds(SSB) Details Out – Will Buy Sure Buy Confirm Must Buy! | Stock Broker Plays PokerSingapore Savings Bond – A Risk Free Investment Option | Sugar, Spice, Everything Nice
  5. Analysis of Singapore Saving Bonds | The IFA
  6. Singapore Savings Bonds – more updates about the programme released | Retire by 50
  7. Are Singapore Savings Bonds really worth buying?| The Middle Ground
  8. 2-3% Principal Guaranteed Investment | SG Young Investment
  9. This Singapore Savings Bonds: Liquidity, Higher Returns and Government Backing. Dream? | Investment Moats
  10. Should You Buy Singapore Savings Bonds For Investment? | GET.com
  11. Singapore Savings Bond – As safe as it can be [updated] | Lizardo Realm

The Impacts of Singapore Savings Bonds

The Impacts of Singapore Savings Bonds

This section is not for you if you only want to read about SSB in the perspective of personal finance. However if you would like to know the economic impacts of SSB to the market, you might consider picking up one or two of the following.
Recommended-read: All are great, just pick the headline that appeal to you most.

  1. Savings bonds may put fixed deposits at risk | BT Invest
  2. Banks offering higher fixed deposit interest rates amid Singapore Savings Bonds competition. Will housing loan rates go up? | Investment Moats – Stock Market Investing
  3. Singapore Savings Bond: Cost to outweigh Benefit? | aloypro
  4. Singapore’s new savings bond comes with good intent, bad timing | reuters
  5. Singapore Savings Bonds have an unexpected and risky downside for local banks | Singapore Business Review
  6. Singapore Savings Bonds: What Fixed Deposits Need To Do To Up Their Game | MoneySmart.sg

Singapore Savings Bonds Opinions & Conspiracies Theories

Opinions & Conspiracies Theories

Ah… this is where the exciting part comes. From underground city in Singapore to speculations about the bankruptcy of Temasek Holdings and GIC! How about the MAS insistence of being non transparent – “It is not in our national interest to publish the full size of our reserves.” To the action of continual increase of CPF min. sum, withdrawal age and etc.

  1. Severe consequences for a PAP majority with its underground city for 10m population | The Online Citizen
  2. Will Singapore Savings Bonds be used to finance an “underground city”? | Singapore Government
  3. Singapore Government in need of more money from new Singapore Savings Bond | States Times Review
  4. Debate on Government Securities (Amendment) Bill – NCMP Yee Jenn Jong | The Workers’ Party

Singapore Savings Bonds 7 Forums to Visit For Discussion of SSB

7 Forums to Visit For Discussion of SSB

Join in the fun of discussion in one of the forums. And according to the poll(#3.), 33% of the forumers will not apply for SSB and 20% will apply on amount ranging from $20K-$50K. And yes, even SammyBoy forums has a thread on SSB.

  1. Singapore Savings Bonds |Hardware Zone Forums
  2. (Breaking) Details on savings bonds for individual investors released | Hardware Zone
  3. Poll On SSB (Singapore Savings Bond) | Hardware Zone Forums
  4. Singapore Savings Bonds impact on FHR based Home Loan | Condo Singapore Forums
  5. Singapore Savings Bonds will be issued on Oct 1, apply from Sep 1 | Redit – Singapore
  6. Singapore Saving Bond | Hua Sing Forums
  7. Singapore Savings Bonds: 8 things you should know SammyBoy Forums

Singapore Savings Bonds I Got YouI got you!

You are scrolling all the way down without even visit one of the above.

You are just not in the right mood to read, I do understand that.
Alright this is what you could do. First you bookmark it. Second you read it while you are commuting, or you could schedule a 1 hour reading time on either this coming Saturday or Sunday.

It’s just about more than a week left prior to the launch of the first subscription of SSB(1/Sept).

Oh… if you think this post is practically useful do share this post because it makes my day. No, not just me, but also the person who is reading it. At least give them the chance to say thanks for sharing.

And happy reading!

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