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How to Gain a 360 Degree View of Your Competitor’s Social Media Marketing?
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Effective social media marketing starts with understanding the buyer and understanding your competitors. It’s important to see where your competitors are succeeding and where they’re failing.

That’s why we provide this Social Media competitive intelligence report and gameplan, to help you stay up to speed with what your competitors are doing, but not let it derail you from your own marketing, product, or business strategy.

This is excellent for a marketing manager or director who is trying to assess how their social media marketing execution stacks up against industry competitors. If you have been tracking your competitors performance manually, we would recommend a quick scan on your competitors marketing assets automatically, at which point you might want sign up a free trial to

  • Conduct competitive auditing report
  • Analyze your competitors’ marketing strategies
  • Benchmark the past activity against your competitors or other brands on Facebook.
  • Get detailed analytics about competitors to inform your social media efforts.

#1: Competitive Analysis

Analyzing the performance of your competitors on social media is critical not only for better understanding your competitors’ social business strategy, but learning from their successes and failures will help create more effective social media campaigns for your brand as well.

#2: Industry & Regional Benchmarking


Benchmarking is important for developing and executing all stages of your social media strategy. Consistently benchmarking your brand’s social performance to your industry and region will give you the insights necessary to drive your social media campaigns. You will be able to clearly see where your social media efforts are underperforming or outperforming the market standards.


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