Gold Investment – Dirty Secrets of Gold

In Gold We Trust, but do you still dare to place your trust?

In Gold We Trust, but do you still dare to place your trust?

Recap of Previous Article

In the previous article on Gold Investment – History of Gold , we talks about the history of Gold as summarize as the following;

  • Wars have been fought over GOLD, as GOLD funded Wars.
  • GOLD is incredibly rare, with its properties make it an obvious choice for use as currency.
  • GOLD Standards where paper currency fixed to a weight of GOLD.

Part2 of Gold Investment – Dirty Secrets of Gold

And for this week, we shall dig up and talk more on the Secrets of GOLD. And it will be the Dirty Secret that we be looking at. Are you ready for it? Is yes, click on the following to get your self dirty.


What’s for next week

For next week article, we will pin up the overall picture that we discuss in part 1 and 2 of GOLD, and discuss in detail of the future of GOLD. So stay tuned by subscribed to your BigFatPillar Newsletter!

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