How to benefit from Singapore Budget2015?


About SGBudget2015

In SGBudget2015, there are a lot of measures that benefit most of the Singaporeans in the Middle and Low Income Tier, in area like Personal Income Tax rebate, Childcare and Exam fee rebate. It also come with scheme that help to lighten financial load of Singaporean that taking care of their parent. The list go on, and you can find ton of information online like or

What will be more important is to analyst the influence of Budget2015 over Singapore Stock Market. We need such information to empower us and assist us on the path of wealth creation. So let’s get started!

Key Influences of SGBudget2015

  • Govt expenditure will continue to increase over the medium to long term, driven by healthcare, public transport & T5.
  • A new Changi Airport Development Fund will be set up, with an initial injection of $3B
  • Temasek to be included in Net Investment Returns framework; add. resources to fund govt expenditures
  • Petrol duty rates for premium and intermediate grade petrol raised by $0.20/litre and $0.15/litre respectively
  • Credit – S’porean aged >= 25 to get initial credit of $500 from 2016 for education & training

As the initial fund for public transportation being locked in, the transport companies SMRT and SBS Transit will be back in spotlight with Lui Tuck Yew announce on the bus asset purchase plans pretty soon. Comfort should also get to be part of the spotlight gang as it not impacted from the come-into-effect increased petrol duty rates, as it uses diesel for its fleet.

As plans for Terminal 5 Airport materializes with an initial injection of $3B new Changi Airport Development Fund, certain construction company and logistic company like Yongnam, CWT and Singpost may have big rally story cocking up and bang up soon.

Scheme Skillsfuture will soon put $500 into education & training account for most of the working Singaporean adults. With this Skillsfuture Fund spill over, Education operators like Raffles Education should enjoy the soak up too.

Previously, Singapore government tap on returns generated on its net assets managed by the Monetary Authority of Singapore (MAS) and GIC, and now Temasek is being listed to served Singapore. Temasek may need to generate safer return, and forcing it to make better investment decision. We can started to consider those companies that Temasek invested in after this NIR framework update.
Do not chase any stock especially when it has rally, instead look for sign of weak supply or higher low, before enter any long position!


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