Important to have a good stock broker!

Important to have a good stock broker!

whatstockstobuy Often when you opening your first trading account, you’re most likely to be assigned to a general pool of brokers of the brokerage firm. I not meaning that their services are that great, but to them, you are just another ordinary investor out there. Unless you trade in million and let them earn a big fat commission or a close friend/client, you less likely to get good service or to hear from them. So it will worth your time to look around for a good broker, ask your friends for referral will be a good way to start the hunt!

Finding the suitable stock broker.

Finding a good personal broker, aside from the general pool, is a lot like getting a good life partner! First of all, your stock broker should be the one that you trusted and of course they should of a good character like trustworthy. A lot of what makes the team-up works will be the chemistry, and only you can decide whether it works or not.

Unfortunately, after the Lehman Brothers incident in 2008, stock brokers are “tied” with ton of read tape and it hinder their work in order to service you better.  They are bounded not to give advise of stock that you should invest in. So don’t blame them if they never advise you of good stock to trade. Unless, you have a good personal relationship with them, and they may drop some hint here and there, after they trusted you of not to spill the bean.


Stock broker as your personal pair of eyes and ears to Stock Market.

A good stock broker will be your personal pair of eyes and ears to monitor the stock market, giving your insight of some of the potential events to be take place for your group of invested interests or potential investments.They definable prefer you as their client to have a good profit, as that in return increase their payslip. Nevertheless, please do your due diligent to research on the investment before you parked your money in and don’t blame your broker if thing go wrong. They are not god!

Fortunately for me, i have a few good brokers in my inner circle of friends, which i appreciate their help and service in times to times. And make use of this chances to say “thanks bros!” and continue to give me good hints! 🙂

Note : For those interested to get started to have good broker, do feel free to email to me as for my trusted brokers list. By the way, i not getting any commission from them, i just helping them out for the good services they rendered!

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