Second Income as Your Life Jacket

Time to wake up and smell out your second income

Time to wake up and smell out your second income.

Is it necessary to get a Second Income as your Life Jacket?

During one of my previous job, i got to know this lady colleague whom was working as a Graphic Designer and doubling up as a freelance wedding photographer over the weekend. It sound tough and unwelcome to work over weekend but her passion keep her going and she enjoy it thoroughly.

The twist came when she was unexpectedly retrenched off from her day job.  She just extend her wedding photography assignment to included weekday, and that help her to make both end meet until she found another new day job.

Her passion and her photography skill in taking each wedding couples’ heart warming moment,  have in return become her Life Jacket. Her story is a good example of have a second income as your life jacket, and if she did not have this Life Jacket, she may become emotionally disturbed and worst of all, falling into depression.

Have you found your Life Jacket?

Do ask yourself this “In this high globalised economy, where there is not much Job Security left. Do i have my own life jacket if i will to be retrenched?” Have this question started to keep you on your toes? If yes, next will be the million dollars golden question is “What and how can i start with or start from?” Let read on!

Ways to create your own Life Jacket.

I will broadly group any potential second income into two areas, namely selling products or by freelancing your services

Selling Products

  • Create your Crafty handiwork Product

You can start off by creating and sell off your own artwork,  jewelry,  or other handiwork products. And with the advancement in web technology, there are plenty of free and good online store like where you can create online store to market your handiwork products!

  • Sell Your Creativity

One easy way is to sell your creativity is by designing your own T-shirts and products in print of witty words or funny graphics and sell them. With a creative design and at the right time, it could turn into a success story overnight.

For example, just like the recent HK Protest, one of demonstrator with his T-Shirt “Not Made in China“.

Freelancing Your Services

  •  Market Your Knowledge

Over the year, you may have start and expand your knowledge and developed your reputation as an expert in some field. Example like taking good care of your kid and to shape them into obedient kids.  One good way to get started will be to contribute your knowledge in some discussion website that suit your knowledge. Once you establish your command as an expert, you find yourself negotiating a rate with Event Organizer for making presentations or to write paid articles in some popular website.

  • Have Your Own PartTime/FullTime Service Business

Some of the way which you could market your Service will to think of some of the skills that you best at or skill that is unusual or valuable to other people. Do you know Web Programming well enough to be a Freelancer Programmer, or have a skill like Photography just like my female colleague that doing wedding photographic service? There always some forums that people demand such service, you can post up your services there.

If you’re in a more serious mode and interested in starting up a business, you can do up your business plan and start spreading the word among your friends/relatives to keep it rolling.

Next, Real live story of friend that create their own FullTime Service Business

Fredrick :
Much welcome our guest Jerry to be here for this interview. Jerry is of the capable ones among my friends! So, could you share with our readers that what have you been busy with during your free time, besides your current job as a Real Estate Agent?

Currently, I just started a cleaning business specialist in commercial cleaning with one of my army friend. Of course , starting a new business which I am not familiar in, is one of the issues I expected. But for me, every challenge is a learning curve. At the moment , we are a certified cleaning company by NEA. Even thought we are into the 5th months of our business, we have secure a few big contract from big established companies. We expect our small company will be able to compete with the big boys in the industries.

Fredrick :
Wow, seem like you have become your own boss! Do you think your current day job or any other previous job or any other interests that enabled you to build up your skillsets/Mindsets needed for this new role? And what will be the top 3.

Well, i will say the top 3 will be stay focus , secondly positive mindset and have a “never give up” attitude.

Fredrick :
And thanks bro for your time to share with us of your life story and wishes you all the best. And for more detail, head down to Jerry’s  website at for his cleaning services.

Your Life Jacket

So i hope this article provide you with ideas and information to help you to get started to create your second income. It never easy, but with some effort, you will find your second income. So let get started to smell out that second income of your!

Fredrick Lim


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