The Simple Act of Pay It Forward

Happiness come in many form, word of encouragement, giving out foods, or monetary help. Let start today to pay it forward in your life.(Picture from

Happiness come in many form, word of encouragement, giving out foods, or monetary help. Let start today to pay it forward. (Picture from

My Believe

Because of my faith in Buddhism, i often put this believe of giving out into practice. Often by “giving” to people out in the street, be it of exchange for their tissue or their musical performance.

When i started to got bigger plot of gold from stock market,  i was inspired(and i still inspired as of now. :)) to “give” out bigger amount. And there was this encounter which i could remember it clearly. I was heading to get my family some breads for next day’s breakfast, where i came across this wheelchair bound male elder (he had his leg amputated, due to diabetic). From his facial appearance, there was no doubt that he lead a tough life, but he still carry a sincere smile.  After i came to him, my body and my mind just naturally come in together to lower myself down, to be same level as him.  When i pull out my “giving” amount, i could see his eye become red and heavy with tear which he trying to hold back. And i feel good in myself that i can act this humble. We chat for a whiles, which i got know that he into his 50, with two kids and they are staying with their relative.

 December – Period of Celebration

We are into the month of December where it is the month of celebration. Flooded with monetary bonus, people are planning for that wonderful holiday, celebrating that White Christmas or simply to purchase that dream car. The list just go on. Whiles we are celebrating, with these happiness around us, should not we also “give” out some happiness to those in need? The happiness come in different form, some kind word to encourage some physical disabled folk, giving out foods to the needy, to help out with their daily activities, not necessary in the monetary form. It is just a simple act of pay it forward to start in your daily life. let it be today! 🙂

 A Simple Act of Caring Creates An Endless Ripples That Come back To You


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