How to start your 2nd income using Internet

changes-in-technology-6336Changes that Internet bring on

Let’s face it, comparing with the past, we now order more stuffs online when we fancy some gadget or clothing. Review, comparing and book more flights and hotels either online or via our mobile than ever. More readily to share werid incident or voice out our comment/picture on twitter or on Facebook. The world is shrinking right before us as Internet is binding us even closer than before.
The up-rising of Internet play an important role in enabling the ease of wealth creation for the common people out in the street. Opening a retail shop is never easy, the owner need to fork out substantial capital just for rental, renovation and hiring. But with eCommerce players like eBay, Taobao and Weebly, they have create a complete solution platform for anyone to open their virtual shop in a instance! Furthermore this virtual shop run 24 hr a day, 7 days a week!
With the level playing field platforms these eCommerce players bring to the table, and together with other Internet innovations, it just simply spur growth in various sectors like Logistics and create new sector like Online Marketing and Online 3rd Party Travel Agent and more. Wealth creation has long spill from this eCommerce cup into other. Business owner can now have Social Media Audit to review their online presence performance. That was never being done in the past till Internet bring on the series of changes.
cat-saying-hooray_thumb1Ok, after knowing that Internet have changed our life, what can we do to leverage on it? Now we are in a much better time and position to leverage on these improvement and start our second income using Internet itself. Besides that, considering what will happen after the musical chair game (we referring to the series of money printing action by various economic bodies) end?  The world could possible plunge into another recession. Jobs will be lost if that happen. It is time for us to roll up our sleeves, and start to learn a skill or to use your current skill to generate income on Internet.



After starting up your personal blog with sizable followers, you could relied on advertisement as your income. You can using services like Google AdSense, that post advertisement links on your blog. When your blog readers click on those advertisement links, Google AdSense will pay you of the advertisement commission. And with some luck and with your interesting, well-written articles, you could even being approached by companies who want to reach your follower base with graphical advertising in your blog. There are true stories of blogger that able to quit their day jobs and blog full time.

Freelance Your Skill Online

As Internet help to close up the distance between each continent, there are a lot of Project Market places  like Guru where people list their project requirement online. It range from programming to content writing. You could easily make your skill that you mastered in your Day Job and become a freelancer.

Sell Your Products Online

First of all, check and review your exiting hobby. You never know one of your hobby could generate product and create income for you. For example, you may love to take picture and that is of commercial value and you can start to sell online. One of my friend whom is very much into Wild Life and her picture is featured on NationalGeoGraphic and she could easily started to sell it online( What could be better than to enjoy your favorite skill/hobby and get paid at the same time!

Besides your hobby, you could also sell product that you are familiar with. Just like one of my friend whom have his own label and sticker products, that is very popular with children and young adults, listed in one of the popular eCommerce platform Qoo10.

SEO Review

Search engine optimization (SEO) is a growing area for Internet-based employment. It is common for businesses to use SEO as a means to improving their results from a search engine as more people turn to search engine like Google to look for both products and services.

Working with Online Marketing Company, you could turn in as a contract SEO reviewer. Such job normally involve evaluation task by judging a user’s intent based on the key word combinations provided and your own knowledge of popular culture in the user’s locale. Then, you use a set of given guidelines to evaluate how particular search results match that user’s intent. As SEO is a ongoing online marketing process, it can offer a steady income for you.


What we mean here, is investment choices in the future and not now. Guess some of you may be puzzled of what i mean by “investment in the future and not now”. Although eCommerce, Logistics, Online Marketing and Online 3rd Party Travel Agent business are blooming, but there are a lot of danger lurking around ready to plunge the world economy into another recession. And it better NOT to invest in such industries now, unless you know what you doing. What you should do, will to be investing in the mentioned industries when we are in the mid of recovery of next recession.


We will love to hear from your guys if you have any another ways to generate income online. 🙂

Dividend Stock as part of Your Investment Plan

dividend-stockIn this article, i shall discuss on my favorite type of stock which is dividend stock, and why i love to have these darling in my Investment Portfolio!

Type of Stocks

I will broadly classified stocks namely as the following:

-Capital Appreciation Stock (time frame of Mild to Long term holding)

Capital appreciation (CA) is the increase in the value of an investment/trading that you make. You will get CA when you get a profit of the difference between the purchase and sale price of the stock and less of the purchase and sale commission costs.

It may required a time frame from months to years of stock holding before you gain from a decent CA. And of course, it will required some commitment from you to get the education on certain skillset, experience and monetary strength in order to pick the winning stock.

-Dividend Stock (time frame of Mild to Long term holding)

Some corporate has the history to distribute their earnings to company shareholders in the form of Dividend. It could take place as Stock or Cash distribution form (Dividend yield). And do take note, that some company distribute Dividend on a regularly basis (quarterly), while some only take place once in every two years or longer. Please do your research on their distribution interval.

On general, such stock will required from months to years holding, since investor are focused on the regular Dividend.
-Penny Stock (time frame of Short to Mild term holding)

Penny Stocks are what we label as the Small-capitalization equity shares. There are plenty different way of how investor/trader classified penny stock. Some based on their total value of stock shares market capitalization whiles other just on their per share values. For me, i just take those that being trading below twenty cents as Penny Stock.

As Penny Stock being priced extremely low, it make relatively easy for individual to purchase large quantities of shares with the aim of quick profit, during rapid price movements. As a result, it make Penny Stock extremely volatility and considered to be highly speculative type of stock.


3 Top Reasons why i love Dividend Stocks to be in my Investment Portfolio.

After discussing briefly on the different type of stocks out there, readers out there should have a better understanding of them. If you still get confused, do invest some time and effort to educate yourself over it. It’s what you do during your free time to make yourself more wealthier.

Dividend stock as what it name implied; to distribute in the form either Stock or Cash reward to their royal company shareholder regularly. It always better to invest in such type of stock with a good Yield than to park all your money in Bank Account or Fixed Deposit with a low interest rate. And you can bet that you be feeling happy to receive statement showing regular decent payment into your investment plan, as you are building your Big Fat Pillar!


As most of us will be busy with our Day Job and focusing our energy and time in our Career and Family and other commitment in Life, we may not have enough time to keep a lookout for our Investment Portfolio everyday, unless you got a reliable Personal Stock broker. Dividend stock will be the perfect solution for that. Reason being that those royal company shareholder tend to be long term investors, and you can expecting much lower volatility, lower stock price swing. Besides that, they tend to be more stable than other type of stocks especially when in time of uncertainly in stock market due to their dividend nature that cushion the fall.


CA-Capital Appreciation

Another main reason why i consider them as darling for any investor, there is a high probability  of Capital appreciation (CA) over the years during the Stock Market Bull period. History has proven it and it will just repeat again in the future.




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