Role of Spiritual Wellness when building your Pillar.

Role of Spiritual Wellness when building your Pillar.

Yesterday i had a wonderfully & delighting discussion with my friend over the challenging of building Wealth and being Spiritually Strpathong at the same time. I can understand his view of point as it is total conflicting between Wealth and Spiritual.

During my discussion with him, i can sense his strong Spiritually well being, and i glad to have such a strong fellow mate in my circle of life.

To improve or to enhance your current wealth status¬† will be like defining a destination for your ship to¬† dock at. But having a strong Spiritually well being, that will define the path of how you will arrive. And what does Spiritually Strong (Spiritual Wellness) mean to me? It’s a set of guideline to enable me to think and act beyond the current scope.

For example, using your wealth status or inner circle of friends to influence more people to join in your good cause. To leverage on more people to build a bigger and better scale of the good cause that you want to have.

Of course this just one way out of the countless way. But most important to develop your Spiritually Well Being in order guide you well during the process of finding your path to your destination!

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