The Father of Success – Education

Road sign to  education and futureI was listening to Singapore Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong Rally Talk on Television last Sunday night, and he focus a lot on Education.  (For more detail for Rally Talk, click here .) And i totally agreed with Prime Minister Lee on the important of Education.

on top of that i will add, if Mother of Success is Failure, then i will place my thumb up and shout out that the Father of Success will be Education!


Father of Success – Education

I love the definition given by Wiki ; “Education in its general sense is a form of learning in which the knowledge, skills, and habits of a group of people are transferred from one generation to the next through teaching, training, or research. ”

Education is a series of process to keep your mind in tune to improve in various area of your life! It does not just need to be Educational Qualifications!


3 Important points of Education (Father of Success – Education)!

life-Life Stability

Education develop our skill sets and capabilities, and it in return, develop our Career or Business or other Wealth Creation tools. With that, it give us the knowledge to purse our career with better interest and build our Financial Stability. But for those illiterate individual, they have less options open and that lead to less resources called money. Less resource lead to less options available and it just get into a endless bad cycle. The only way out is through Education, and that will lead to improvement and Life Stability.


Empower-Self Empowerment

Education allow us to obtain the Knowledge of  different aspects of work,  activities or life and that help you to differentiate and help us in our decision making. It give us more options during decision making and hopefully we will make a good decision in the end. Eventually, that empower and make us capable to look after ourelf in any given situation.



-Personal Growth

In every human, there is this DNA called Improvement, where we being designed to constantly trying to improve either on Hope or Fear. And we make use of Education to set forward for our Personal Growth.

For personal growth to happen, we need to make time for it, and mostly of the time, during our personal time (After work). If you set your personal growth to pick up new skill that is relevant to your career, allocate time for it.

I always believe our bosses will only give you more work to keep us busy, but it is our responsibility to make sure we engaged in meaningful Education in our personal time. What we did during your personal time could possible help us to develop new skill set to make us rich.

So it time to cut out unnecessary TV Drama out of your life and get started with your Education?


Lastly :

“Eduction is the most Powerful Weapon which you can can use to change the World.” by Nelson Mandela.

Do you agreed to that the Father of Success – Education?








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