Ways to use this great tool for Potential HR Candidate Accessment.

Ways to use this great tool for Potential HR Candidate Accessment.

Thank guys for some of the suggestion on using gallupstrengthscenter.com.images-idea

It is interesting and exciting for me to hear upon yours thought and suggestions on using gallupstrengthscenter.com. For that, i believe could lead to spin off some interesting business! ๐Ÿ™‚


Some Ways of Using this Tool.

  • HR personnel could use this tool to better guage their Potential Candidate if they are more suitable for the job, which eventually lead to a lower turnover rate. And of course, there is cost behind each assessment (US 9.99 – founding out the top 5 strength), but HR could always deploy it afterย  candidates reach 2nd stage of the interview process.
  • Sale Director, with this tool, could have a more systematic and scientific way to know what make their Sales Manager tickle, and what type of market that the particular Salesmen will have a higher hit-rate for Sales closure. Does it sound nice?
  • For Business Owner that wishes to achieve more, they could use this tool to analysis themselves in a deeper and logic way. For example, if you have Maximizer if you will to find yourself perform better in finding more Sales lead, focus on that area instead. That is what Maximizer oriented person should do. Maximize your time and strength in those area that you do the best!


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