What is BigFatPillar all about?

Question on BigFatPillar

Last week, one of my friend came up to me and asked me this question on my recent effort on blogging “Fredrick, what is bigfatpillar.com all about? Your articles varies from topics to topics.

And here is my answer. BigFatPillar is all about sharing of ideas, experience among us on building up strength in Financial, Health, Family, Spiritual in view of Wealth Creation, Preservation & Improvement.

I have created BigFatPillar Google + Community page at http://plus.google.com/+Bigfatpillar , and looking forward to your ideas, experience or discussion.

Fredrick Lim


I started bigfatpillar.com to share some of my ideas, concept or thinking along the way as i'm building my own Big Fat Pillars in area like Financial, Health, Family, Spiritual of my life. In short, making our money work harder in Wealth Creation, Preserve and Improvement.

And i will definitely much appreciate all constructive comments/suggestion/advise to enhance our this Big Fat Pillars in our life.

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