You are wanted as Contributor Writer!

To be BigFatPillar Contributor Writer


You are wanted as Contributor Writer!

As i wish to expand and share more of my ideas/concept/thinking in Wealth Creation,  Preserve and Improvement in view of building our Big Fat Pillar in Financial, Health, Family, Spiritual of our life. And using this website to create a platform to allow sharing of information by all.

I’m a strong believer in Open Source, inspired by Linux (I’m a Software Engineer that heavily influence by Open Source Software and Linux).

Sharing is caring! 🙂

And I’m calling for more Contributor Writers to step forward to answer the call! To grow our these Big Fat Pillars!

Your heroic action will be knowledge as the owner of each article that you contributed.

You can steps forward as a Contributor Writer and start writing articles in the following areas and other related topic to these areas.

Do feel free to email to me at and hear from your guys soon! 🙂

Career Advise
Career Skill

Interpersonal Skill
Relationship Building
Family Safety Net : Insurance



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Fredrick Lim


I started to share some of my ideas, concept or thinking along the way as i'm building my own Big Fat Pillars in area like Financial, Health, Family, Spiritual of my life. In short, making our money work harder in Wealth Creation, Preserve and Improvement.

And i will definitely much appreciate all constructive comments/suggestion/advise to enhance our this Big Fat Pillars in our life.

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