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About Me – Wealth Creation, Preservation & Improvement

One of my friend came up to me and asked me this question on my recent effort on blogging “Fredrick, what is bigfatpillar.com all about? Your articles varies from topics to topics.

And here is my answer. BigFatPillar is all about sharing of ideas, experience among us on building up strength in Financial, Health, Family, Spiritual in view of Wealth Creation, Preservation & Improvement.

I just an average Joe, an typical middle income tier, as defined in the modern living condition of Singapore. Living in this tier, i often facing this condition of either insufficient fund or lack of experience or source of help to fall back on various topics. Let it be Insurance, Career Advancement, Financial Freedom. And it got worse after marriage and with unborn kid, it expanded. Housing Loan, Pregnant cost, Infant Care and the list go on & on & on.

I guess most of the reader will acknowledge with me on the points that i brought up. Did your guys started to nod your head with me?

And BigFatPillar & Google + Community page at http://plus.google.com/+Bigfatpillar , were created to encourage sharing of ideas, experience or discussion.

I hope it begin here!

Just waiting for us to build it!

Fredrick Lim


I started bigfatpillar.com to share some of my ideas, concept or thinking along the way as i'm building my own Big Fat Pillars in area like Financial, Health, Family, Spiritual of my life. In short, making our money work harder in Wealth Creation, Preserve and Improvement.

And i will definitely much appreciate all constructive comments/suggestion/advise to enhance our this Big Fat Pillars in our life.

4 thoughts on “About Me

    • Hi TradeInvestRead,

      I having my full time day job, whiles sharing all my ideas and thought through blogging. What about you?

      Back in 2005, it was my first encounter with MLM and it was WBG back in Suntec until 2008. In my humble view, i think it a pretty good idea, but of course to be successful in this line, you must have the certain skilsets.

  1. Hi Fredrick

    I have a full time job as well and chance upon your blog.
    I was just thinking that the one who make money for MLM is always the founder, the rest of the downlines are basically feeders to feed to the founder. It seems more of a scam but i do understand that there are listed MLM’s in US such as Amway, Herbalife, USANA, etc.

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